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What kind of water purifier do young people like

Views : 1 Update time : 2022-01-21 17:00:32 In recent years, more and more young people like Chinese brands in the new era. According to the big data of European pigeons, the post-00s and post-90s are more interested in Chinese trends. In-depth study of its development, the improvement of contemporary young people's cultural self-confidence and national pride is the reason for the rise of the national tide. From relying on imports to copycat imitations to independent research and development, Chinese brands have also embarked on a path of their own.

In fact, any industry is like this. Throughout the development of the water purifier industry, it is also like the rise of the national tide. my country's water purifier industry has also experienced a development process from scratch. The first "foreign goods" to enter the domestic market have occupied the market for a long time. With the continuous investment in independent research and development of Chinese water purifier brands, now Chinese water purifier brands have Occupying a dominant position and leading the world in some high-tech fields, this also makes more and more young people favor Chinese water purifier brands.

Chinese brands better understand national life"Innovation" should be the gene engraved in the bones of all Chinese water purifier brands. Adhere to independent innovation, continuously optimize and improve product quality, and ensure service quality. Only from China's water demand can we create a water purifier that better understands the needs of the Chinese people.

As the so-called "Chinese core, better understand Chinese water".

In order to provide consumers with a good service experience, AICKSN water purifier not only provides free installation services for users who purchase water purification products, but also has a very wide range of services. There are service points all over the country, covering most of the country. . At the same time, in order to solve the cost of replacing the RO membrane filter element, AICKSN uses the spiral-rolled membrane design to increase the contact area of ​​water and prolong the service life of the RO membrane, so that the life of the RO membrane can be up to 3 years.

China has a vast territory, and different regions have different water quality conditions and different needs for water purifiers. AICKSN water purifier carefully takes care of the individual needs of consumers and users in different places through the combination of different products. In the south, the water quality is relatively soft. With the combination of AICKSN pre-filter + RO water purifier, after multiple filtration, harmful impurities such as sediment, rust, and bacteria in the water can be effectively intercepted, and the sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%; in the north, the water quality It is hard and prone to serious scaling problems in water pipes. Using AICKSN's pre-filter + central water softener + RO water purifier can effectively soften the water quality, not only allowing drinking water to drink directly, but also allowing laundry and bathing. The water is more skin-friendly and comfortable.Intelligent interconnection, to be a water purifier that understands young people better

Contemporary young people like convenient life and intelligent experience. In response to this, a variety of AICKSN water purifier products are intelligently interconnected, and the status of the filter element and water quality can be checked through the mobile APP. It can also connect all smart devices in the home through wifi, truly realize one-key interconnection, and create a gospel for lazy people.
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