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AICKSN President Zeng: Innovation empowers the development of water purifiers

Views : 2 Update time : 2022-01-26 14:56:00 After 20 years of development in China's water purification industry, from an industry perspective, brands and products, especially leading brands and products, have been continuously improved in technology and performance, which can meet the needs of different scenarios, different families and different customer groups .

Scientific research is the way to break through

From the perspective of consumer coverage, compared with mature products such as microwave ovens, water heaters, and kitchen appliances, there is still a big gap between household coverage and retention rates. Taking microwave ovens as an example, the minimum household ownership rate is 40%, while the household ownership rate of water purification products is still far behind this figure. This shows that the water purification industry still has a very large space for development in China.

From the channel side, the sales in the offline water purification market are in a stable state, especially the sales volume is rising rapidly, while the sales growth is slowing down. From this offline state, it can be seen that the mass consumer groups who buy water purification products have begun to increase, which directly leads to an increase in sales and a slowdown in overall sales growth.

In contrast to the slowdown in offline sales growth, online prices have risen. The main reason is the joint efforts of brands and online platforms on the category of water purification, especially in the promotion of mid-to-high-end products. Taking the proportion of products with water output as an example, from 400 gallons to 800 gallons, and then to the online main push of 1,200 gallons of large-water products on Double Eleven in 2021, it can be seen that online channels are adjusting the product matrix and ratio, from the past medium to low The price and mass products are tilted towards mid-to-high price and mid-to-high-end products.

In the future, the domestic water purification industry will continue to launch large-volume products.

In 2021, as a leading brand in the domestic water purification industry, AICKSN will take product research and development and innovation as the main direction of brand development. In the process of contacting with upstream suppliers, I also deeply felt that the popularization and promotion of large-water products in the domestic market will accelerate the development. In November 2021, we contacted two reverse osmosis membrane suppliers, which deepened our confidence in the future development of high-volume products.

The two reverse osmosis membrane suppliers will continue to expand on the basis of the original production lines. By 2022, they will have five production lines and six production lines respectively. According to the membrane output of each production line, the output will be 3 million square meters, and the annual output will be 15 million to 18 million. 10,000 square meters, which will be the same as the output of the largest domestic membrane supplier. At the time of the site visit, the two suppliers' existing production lines were running at full capacity.

From the expansion behavior of upstream suppliers' production lines, we can gain insight into the development direction of products in the water purification industry in 2022.

First, in 2022, the competition of diaphragm producers will further intensify. In fact, there are already signs of excess in domestic diaphragm production. With the expansion of production lines, the competition will inevitably become more intense.

Second, with the expansion of production capacity, the cost of diaphragms will inevitably decrease in 2022. Household high-flux water purification products have Chinese characteristics, which is also evidence of the rapid development of my country's water purification industry compared with similar foreign industries. At present, high-throughput products account for 50% of the overall water purification products. In 2022, this proportion will be higher, and the competition will be more intense.

In fact, from the perspective of production, the membrane is no longer a technical bottleneck. At present, the main technology that the industry needs to solve is the pump. At present, water purification companies are conducting research and development in this area.

Although the domestic water purification industry cake is still growing, it is undeniable that the industry competition is very cruel. As an enterprise with a 14-year history of water purification and drinking water development, AICKSN is a typical professional enterprise, which is deeply involved in the field of drinking water purification. Because it is vertical, it is professional, and because it is vertical, there is pressure and challenge. How not to fall into vicious competition and break through brand development, AICKSN's choice is only innovation to empower development.

The accumulation of original technology is the accumulation of innovation

The foundation of innovation lies in the accumulation of technology. As early as 2008, when AICKSN was founded, it laid the keynote of deep cultivation in the field of clean drinking water. In terms of appearance and utility model, it has obtained the first batch of national patents, and has become the first batch of domestic enterprises to develop and launch water purifier products.

With 14 years of technology accumulation, AICKSN has participated in the formulation of 27 national and industry standards, obtained 30 international authoritative certifications, and obtained nearly 800 technical patents. With the accumulation and accumulation of technology, we can try more in the field of drinking water and water purification.

In fact, from the accumulation of drinking water to water purification technology, concentration and professionalism make the transformation of products more accurate. At present, AICKSN products cover all aspects of safe water, healthy drinking water and comfortable water, and can cover different application scenarios.

Take the RO-200 dual outlet water purifier series launched in 2019 as an example. Up to now, the sales of AICKSN-RO-200 dual-outlet water purifiers have exceeded 250,000 units, which is the most successful transformation from pure drinking water to comprehensive water purification.

The success of RO-200 double outlet water purifier is a typical example of the transformation of technological achievements into product achievements, and it is also a relatively unique product in the water purification industry at present.

The RO-200 double outlet water purifier is unique because we have adopted two ways of combining purified water + pure water. The so-called water purifier is a large-volume water purifier in the kitchen. It is placed under the cabinet and directly connected to the tap. It is time-saving and convenient to wash rice and vegetables. The so-called pure water refers to the user's direct drinking.

Why does AICKSN make a double outlet water purifier?

During the market research, we found that the attributes of kitchen appliances have undergone profound changes. To realize the new functions of new kitchen appliances, it involves the use of water in conjunction with them. The most obvious is that the use of dishwashers and steamers requires the use of purified water to achieve a perfect and beautiful use effect and experience. The related products are in demand, and the users are in demand, and addressing these two pain points is the key reason why AICKSN-RO-200 double-spout has sold more than 250,000 units.

Why is AICKSN-RO-200 double outlet water purifier successful?

On the surface, the success of the AICKSN-RO-200 double outlet water purifier is to solve the needs of users. Behind the solution of demand, we have enough scientific research and technical strength to support the solution.We attribute the success of AICKSN-RO-200 dual-outlet water purifier to "two good cores".

The first "good core" is ATS high-efficiency composite activated carbon fiber filter.The traditional double water purification has small water volume, small filter element and inconvenient cleaning. ATS high-efficiency composite activated carbon fiber has stronger purification capacity and larger flow rate (more than 10L/min), which solves the problem that the current water purification flow is too small.

The second good core is AICKSN long-acting reverse osmosis filter.In fact, the biggest difference between reverse osmosis membrane household water purification and industrial water purification is the lack of dedicated maintenance. Domestic water quality is very complex, and clogging, cleaning, durability, etc., all require continuous exploration and improvement of products. After 3 years of research, the AICKSN R&D team has carried out technical research, comprehensively developed and upgraded the reverse osmosis filter element, and innovatively launched the reverse osmosis filter element independently developed, produced and manufactured.

This innovation is not only symbolic for AICKSN itself, but also for the domestic water purification industry. At present, all AICKSN water purification products use reverse osmosis filter elements independently developed and manufactured, and have completed the double upgrade of products and brands.

The reverse osmosis filter cartridge independently developed and launched by AICKSN is made of baby "food grade" material, cancels the "adhesive tape" and replaces it with silica gel to avoid the hidden danger of "volatile phenol" and ensure safety.

More importantly, the reverse osmosis filter element adopts innovative flow channel design, innovative design of vertical flow channel, the water flux is increased by 3-13%, the desalination rate is increased by more than 2%, the attenuation rate is decreased by 53%, and the service life of the membrane is prolonged by 50%. .

This data comes from the research results published by AICKSN long-acting reverse osmosis filter in the front-end academic journal "Desalination" in the international water treatment industry.

Continuous innovation transforms into extended results

The reason why AICKSN can publish its own research and development results in the international front-end water treatment magazine, can obtain product upgrades, and be recognized by the international and domestic consumer markets is the result of our continuous innovation and focus on the transformation of results. In order to achieve this goal, AICKSN has made long-term and massive investment in manpower and material resources.

First, continuous innovation results stem from in-depth research on basic science.

Innovative technology is the support of AICKSN in home, commercial and front-end research including aerospace technology. More importantly, the transformation of results achieved through research.

At present, AICKSN water purification products can cover a variety of drinking water scenarios, including the commercial water purification field that has recently shown an upward curve.

Compared with household water purification, commercial water purification has a wider span, and the use scenarios of office buildings, schools, restaurants, etc. are completely different. It is very difficult to achieve complete coverage of the product. Thanks to the entire technical support, we can realize the use and transformation of products. At present, AICKSN water purification products can cover a variety of application scenarios such as airports, restaurants, real estate, schools, etc., including Bird's Nest, Haidilao, Hema Fresh, SF Express nationwide stores, etc., all of which are models of AICKSN's successful cooperation in commercial water purification scenarios.

Second, expand factories and add new equipment to enable production.

The expansion of production capacity needs to be released. In addition to continuing to expand the domestic high-end drinking water market, covering domestic and commercial drinking water places, AICKSN sells well in 65 countries around the world and has won the favor of 200 million users, including North America and Europe, and is currently the largest supplier of drinking water in the United States.
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