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Water purification market demand will be released in 2021-2023

Views : 1 Update time : 2022-02-11 16:55:01 Drinking water is a common thing in life, but there are some secrets in seemingly ordinary drinking water that you may not have noticed or known.From drinking natural water at first, to drinking tap water in every household, to carrying bottled water and water dispensers, and now to water purifiers and direct drinking machines, the development and changes in drinking water not only reflect the continuous improvement of people's drinking water quality , also marks the increasingly close combination of water purification technology and water dispenser products.The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused consumers to attach importance to health appliances, and the purchase of water purifiers has also been put on the agenda. A reporter from Beijing Business Daily saw that major water purifier manufacturers have launched a lot of preferential activities. . However, as a category of household appliances, on the one hand, because many domestic consumers are not fully aware of such products, the market share is hovering at a low level; Water purification products replace the position of water purifiers to a certain extent.

low penetration
According to the "2020-2025 China Water Purifier Industry Market Prospects and Investment Opportunities Research Report" released by the China Business Industry Research Institute, the current penetration rate of domestic water purifiers in my country is below 10%, while the penetration rate of water purifiers in developed countries is generally More than 80%, and growing at a rate of 10%-15% every year. Among them, the penetration rate of water purifiers in the United States is 90%, that in Europe is 90%, that in Japan is 80%, and that in South Korea is 95%.According to the figures of home appliance analyst Ou Ge, the low penetration rate of domestic water purifiers is inseparable from economic income. For most Chinese consumers, the first thing to meet is rigid home appliance needs, such as range hoods and gas stoves for cooking, refrigerators for storing food, color TVs for watching TV, and air conditioners for cooling. "Only after the income has increased to a certain level, will people have purchasing choices and dependence on household appliances such as water purifiers that improve the quality of life, so the popularization of water purifiers has a certain lag. In addition, many places have There are many old houses and it is not very convenient to install water purifiers.”

In the commercial field, water dispensers using bottled water occupy a large share, and some households are still using water dispensers. In recent years, my country's bottled water market has maintained steady growth. In 2010, the size of my country's bottled water market was 29.26 billion yuan. In 2017, the size of the bottled water market exceeded 80 billion yuan, an increase of nearly three times. It is predicted that in 2020, the industry's sales will be close to 200 billion yuan.

Market potential
At present, the way to solve the problem of consumers' cognitive bias towards water purifier products is mainly through two channels, one is the relevant health department, and the other is enterprises and industry institutions.

Xu Yiqiang pointed out, "To solve the public perception of water purifiers, we must start from solving the major social problems of safe and healthy drinking water, which requires the support of relevant departments and regards it as an important part of the construction of a well-off society." .

A person in charge of an electrical appliance also suggested that the national public health management agency can carry out regular science popularization activities with the Consumers Association and other organizations to approach consumers and enter the community; publicize the importance of healthy drinking water, and change outdated and unhealthy drinking water methods; industry The association takes the lead to strengthen the education of consumers on healthy drinking water.

"At the same time, water purifiers are only products that filter and optimize water quality. The key is how the tens of thousands of companies and businesses behind the water purifiers can use their own resources and strength to establish a healthy and scientific view of drinking water, rather than an excessive marketing hype. The concept of drinking water, especially large enterprises in the water purifier industry, must dare to take responsibility and dare to say no to industry irregularities. Of course, third-party industry associations and public welfare organizations should also actively play more roles and functions. " Xu Yiqiang said. It is reported that the Water Purification Equipment Special Committee of China Quality Inspection Association has launched the "China Water Purification Industry Consumption White Paper" for many years to provide consumers with advice on the purchase of healthy drinking water and water purification equipment.

In terms of products, water purifiers that conform to consumers' usage habits will definitely help to improve the promotion and penetration rate of water purifiers. It can be expected that compared with countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, there is still great consumption potential behind the lower penetration rate in my country. Therefore, there is still a lot of room for growth in my country's water purifier market.

In the eyes of European pigeon numbers, consumers are becoming more and more environmentally aware and pursuing health, so their attention to water purifiers is also deepening. In addition, the commercial field is still dominated by water dispensers. Judging from the market increment and overall sales data, there is a good space for water purification products in the commercial space.

"With the improvement of consumers' health awareness and more and more attention to the quality of water, many families have a large demand for pure water, such as families with the elderly or children, water purifiers are almost a 'just need' for them. '; There are also some consumers who have higher requirements for quality of life, such as new middle-class families, and young consumers of the 'post-90s' and 'post-95s' like newlyweds, and their drinking water lifestyle is also more fashionable. These Consumer groups are bound to increase the popularity of water purifiers. In addition, there are some sudden water pollution incidents such as this year's epidemic, which will also stimulate consumers' safety awareness. During the epidemic, Taobao, Jingdong and other electricity The surge in searches for water purifiers on commercial platforms proves this," said a person in charge of water purification.According to the European pigeon digital budget data, from 2021 to 2023, the market demand for water purification will be released, and the retail sales will maintain an increase of 14%, 11.1% and 8.8% respectively.
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