What are the flushing and backflushing functions of the water purifier?_water purifier 75

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What are the flushing and backflushing functions of the water purifier?

Views : 1 Update time : 2022-02-15 15:53:05 Flushing and backflushing are one of the cleaning functions of the water purifier. The two are applicable to different situations, but the ultimate purpose is to effectively avoid the blockage of the filter element and ensure the water quality is healthy and fresh. As the saying goes, "running water does not rot", only continuous "running water" can keep it fresh, and flushing and backwashing operations are important methods to ensure the freshness of the water in the water purifier. First of all, let's take a look at what is water purifier flushing and backflushing?

The so-called flushing is to flush the newly used machine and filter element with water to ensure that the filter element of the machine is completely immersed, passed through, and filtered. After installing the new machine or replacing the new filter element, directly open the faucet for 5-6 minutes until the water flow is smooth and clear. The flushing operation is generally suitable for new installations or after replacement of filter elements.

When going out for a long time and the water purifier is not in use, it also needs to be flushed. Due to the accumulation of water inside the water purifier, if the water purifier is not used for more than three days, the water quality bacteria at the front of the water purifier may exceed the standard (at least not fresh). minutes until the water in the water purifier is drained.
Compared with the ordinary filter, the backwash filter has the function of automatic sewage discharge. Since the retained dirt will stay on the filter layer, if the filter layer is not cleaned for a long time, the retained microorganisms will multiply and the dirt will become more and more The accumulation of more will cause the filter element to be blocked, thus forming the secondary pollution of the filter layer and affecting the quality of the effluent. Therefore, the filter layer should be backwashed regularly, and the washed impurities should be discharged. The backwash function can regularly clean the filter element of the water purifier, which can not only ensure the cleanliness of the filter element, but also prolong the service life of the filter element.

Are all water purifiers flushable?The flushing function is available in all water purifiers. As long as the water can be fed in - filtered - out of the water normally, the flushing operation can be carried out. The backwash is that only the water purifier with backwash function and automatic cleaning function can be cleaned. In other cases, non-professionals recommend not to disassemble and clean the filter element by yourself.

The water purifier filter element is the most important part of the water purifier. After the life of the filter element is exhausted, remember to replace the filter element with a new one to ensure its normal purification function, otherwise it will damage your own health and the loss will not be worth the candle. Carroll water purifier, whole house front water purifier, central water purifier, under kitchen RO water purifier, and countertop heat purifier all-in-one support flushing and backwashing functions to protect the filter element and water quality from being polluted, and protect more Healthy drinking water needs of the family!
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