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AICKSN water purifier escorts household drinking water

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When the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are in full swing, it is reported that this Winter Olympics will use pure physical water purification technology to prepare direct drinking water. This direct drinking water preparation process realizes the disinfection and purification of drinking water through physical methods such as volcanic rock filtration, and the obtained tap water meets the current world's highest drinking water standards. At the same time, compared with the traditional tap water production technology, the technology also has the advantages of energy saving and water saving, and can effectively avoid the harm of "chlorine" in the traditional process to the human body.

Chlorine, as an effective sterilization and disinfection method, is currently the mainstream method of tap water disinfection. This method has been extended to today for more than 100 years and is still used by more than 80% of water plants in the world.

Municipal tap water must contain a certain amount of residual chlorine to ensure the safety of microbial indicators of drinking water. However, is chlorine really safe and healthy?

With the development of scientific research, while chlorine is disinfecting, it also combines with organic matter in water to produce some disinfection by-products, such as the formation of chloroform carcinogens.

So, can chlorine-disinfected tap water be drunk? 

Although the residual chlorine in the tap water will volatilize a little when it enters each household through the pipeline, the chlorine that reaches each household tap water is relatively small and has little effect on the human body.

But what is really scary is the accumulation of chlorinated tap water used by the human body for years and months.

In addition, studies have shown that chlorine can enter the body through drinking tap water, as well as through the skin and respiratory tract when bathing. Chlorine in tap water is the underlying cause of arteriosclerosis and heart failure, liver failure and most common sudden illnesses, and drinking water chlorination is directly associated with increased cancer.

Dr. Martin, an American health and nutrition expert, once said: If human beings can be protected from chlorinated water, their lifespan can be extended by 20-30 years. Every family should adhere to the same standard for draft and water use. Draft is important, and water is equally important. , all households should have a complete household water purification system. A good water purification terminal can effectively remove residual chlorine, viruses, bacteria, impurities and other harmful substances in tap water, and is the best choice to protect the health of your family.

As an advocate and forerunner of healthy water, AICKSN takes scientific and technological innovation as the engine, has been deeply engaged in the field of water purification for 14 years, and has developed a new generation of low-pressure selective nano-filters. Screening, dissolution diffusion, and charge interaction between charged groups enable selective filtration at the ionic level.

It can not only remove bacteria, viruses, organic pollutants, heavy metals, residual chlorine and other harmful substances in water, but also retain potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals that are beneficial to the human body, which not only ensures drinking water safety but also achieves drinking water health!

AICKSN reverse osmosis pure water machine

Health and Environmental Protection

AICKSN's new generation of reverse osmosis water purification technology removes bacteria, viruses, organic pollutants, heavy metals, residual chlorine and other harmful substances in water, while retaining minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body.
1 Purified water: 1 Waste water, to meet the drinking water needs of safe, healthy, energy saving and environmental protection.

Convenient and practical

Instantly filter and drink, no need for water storage pressure barrels, the slim body is convenient and flexible to install, and takes up little space.

Smart and beautiful

Intelligent real-time display of incoming and outgoing water quality and filter life. It can also be monitored remotely to know the drinking water situation at any time.
Small body, easy to save kitchen space. The appearance design is fashionable and simple, and can be matched with any decoration style.
No matter what life bestows, there is always a way of life that allows you to be carefree and happy.

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