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How to choose an all-in-one drinking machine

Views : 1 Update time : 2022-01-13 15:22:09 The all-in-one drinking machine, as the name suggests, is a "water purifier" with the functions of water purification and drinking. Because it is a direct drinking type, the core filter element of the all-in-one drinking water machine is mainly RO membrane. Compared with water heaters (pure water machines), all-in-one drinking purifiers often have a heating function.

Therefore, the all-in-one drinking purifier has gradually attracted more and more people's attention because of its heating function and convenient access to hot water. How to choose a clean drinking machine? Here are a few key points:

1. Pay attention to whether there is a RO reverse osmosis membrane filter element

The drinking water all-in-one machine is directly used for drinking water. For the safety of drinking water, the main filter element generally adopts RO membrane.

2. Pay attention to whether there are multiple water temperatures

One of the biggest functions of the all-in-one drinking purifier is that it has multiple water temperatures. Users can get the water temperature they need at will, which is convenient and worry-free.

3. Pay attention to whether there are multiple water volume settings

Multi-level water volume setting, convenient for drinking water from cups of different capacities.

4. Pay attention to safety protection systems such as anti-dry burning and child lock design

Because the drinking purifier all-in-one needs electricity, the safety protection design is also very important.

5. The all-in-one water purification machine has vertical and desktop types, which should be customized according to your own needs.

Generally speaking, the desktop is basically enough if you are at home, while the vertical drinking purifier is usually used in business scenarios.

In general, the basic functions of a good all-in-one drinking purifier are: multi-level water temperature, multi-level water volume, anti-dry burning, child lock design, etc.

AICKSN 27R1. Heating and direct drinking

AICKSN 27R combines water purification and heating into one, the RO membrane has a large flow rate, and the water is produced quickly and the water is larger.

The 27R also has a built-in large-capacity water tank, with an independent heating tank, independent storage of hot water, and fast heating speed, so you don’t have to wait any longer to drink boiled water.

2. 3-stage precision filtration

AICKSN 27R uses 1 micron PP cotton + activated carbon filter + RO membrane three-stage precision filtration, multiple depth water purification, and the water quality treated by AICKSN precision filtration reverse osmosis membrane can be directly consumed without heating.

3. Innovative water-saving technology, easy to change the coreAICKSN 27R adopts innovative water-saving technology, the waste water ratio is as low as 1:1, and the waste water is reduced by 60%.

At the same time, the 27R adopts the integrated design of the bottle body and filter element, so the filter element can be replaced like a battery without tools or professionals.

4. Intelligent and caring, multiple safety care

AICKSN 27R's intelligent and thoughtful design also makes people feel at ease and safe to use. First of all, the 27R comes with a large intelligent touch display screen, and the operation interface has a filter life reminder function to prevent the filter element from becoming a source of pollution.Secondly, 27R has multiple thoughtful safety designs. Dry-burning protection prevents the machine from dry-burning through temperature sensing. Anti-overflow protection avoids water overflowing. The fault prompt protection will remind in time when the machine is abnormal. The child lock design protects children from misunderstanding. Open and get scalded, automatically prevent steam, prevent water shortage, prevent ultra-high temperature, prevent electric leakage, and prevent electric shock. Multiple safety care, guarding the safety of water purification home!
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