Can a water purifier filter out the new coronavirus in the water?_water purifier 500 liters price

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Can a water purifier filter out the new coronavirus in the water?

Views : 30 Update time : 2022-01-07 17:06:12 The COVID-19 pandemic is volatile. In recent times, epidemics have appeared in many parts of the country, especially the ancient city of Xi'an has been closed down. The prevention and control of the epidemic must not be slack, and everyone is duty-bound to cooperate with the battle and do a good job of relevant protection.You may have questions in your mind: Can the new coronavirus survive in the water? Can the water purifier filter out the new coronavirus? If a water purifier is installed at home, is it safer to drink water?

Unlike ordinary bacteria, viruses are microorganisms that do not have the function of metabolism and replication in vitro. It has high requirements for the environment outside of the body, and it generally takes longer to survive in an environment with water. So, how long does this virus survive in the water?

There is no scientific research data in this area, but there are relevant research data on the SARS virus, which has a high degree of homology with the new coronavirus.

In 2003, the Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology, Beijing Academy of Military Sciences, studied: SARS virus has a strong survival ability in tap water, which can exceed 48 hours.

Then, the new coronavirus may have similar characteristics. Looking back, several major epidemics in history were related to the lack of separation of sewers and drinking water and drinking water pollution.

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued a document to put forward requirements for the supervision of urban sewage, strengthen disinfection and sterilization, and prevent the spread of the new crown virus through feces and sewage.

Therefore, everyone needs to do a good job of personal hygiene, avoid crowds, minimize the chance of being close to strangers, and pay attention to the safety of drinking water.

At present, there is no specific medicine for the new type of coronavirus infection, mainly relying on autoimmune rehabilitation.

During special periods, drinking water is not only to quench thirst, but also to strengthen the body’s immune system. Drinking water can keep the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract moisturized, weaken the propagation speed of colds and other viruses, and enhance immunity.

If you don’t like to drink water, your body’s lack of water will result in insufficient cellular water, which will slow down your metabolism, resulting in increased blood concentration and slower blood flow, which will reduce your body’s immunity.

Resting, strengthening nutrition and drinking more water are very important. Wuhan doctors who have successfully rehabilitated by independent isolation shared in the isolation diary that "go out less and drink more water."

Then the question is, since drinking water is also potentially dangerous, how to ensure the health of drinking water in the epidemic, can household water purifiers filter the new crown virus?

According to reports, the size of the new coronavirus under the electron microscope is about 100-125 nanometers. In theory, as long as the filtration accuracy is higher than 1 nanometer, the new coronavirus can be filtered out.Aicksn's household water purifiers all use RO reverse osmosis membrane filtration, with a filtration accuracy of up to 0.0001 microns and a removal rate of 99.99%. It can efficiently filter out rust, sand, colloids, and invisible bacteria and viruses in the water. Ensure the safety of drinking water.

It is winter now. Ensuring adequate water intake can prevent upper respiratory tract infections caused by dryness. At the same time, drinking plenty of healthy water can maintain strong water metabolism in the body, strengthen immunity, and prevent viral infections.

I hope that while paying attention to personal protection, you should also pay attention to your diet and healthy lifestyle, and to drink water properly.

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